Leah was adopted from the Philippines just over 30 years ago. It’s been many years  of love and joy matched by anger, depression and fear. Adoption Unplugged is a memoir-in-progress dedicated to that story.

In the first hours

The site started as a blog for my wife, our daughter and me to write about our adoption experiences as a family but after a bumpy start, we let other priorities capture our time and stopped posting. I continued to write about our adoption story from my point of view as the adoptive father, creating chapters for a memoir when it was merely a vague possibility in my  mind. Fast forward many years later, and I have amazed myself by having finished a manuscript and moved into the editing and publishing phases. As part of this process, I decided to resurrect the site to talk about the book and my publishing journey.

I hope you find something meaningful herein, either in the sample chapters or about adoption in general. Let me know what you think.