I don’t believe in fate

I don’t believe in fate, not really, but in some sense I began to think how much our baby was meant to be our baby. After a short period of time, you begin to imagine your baby couldn’t be any other baby, she is too perfect, too much a part of you like an arm, a leg, an extra heart. Our friends in Singapore, where we lived at the time we adopted Leah, used to enjoy laughing at me, I so much loved having this baby and (apparently) conveying that I must have thought it was actually me who brought her to term.
Our other child (now adult) is Wendy’s son from a previous marriage, so I never had any birth children and hence no thoughts of whether or not I could equally love and parent a child who was not my own. If anything, having my step son from the age of seven gave me confidence to do so and eager to start from baby on up. At four months, Leah was it for me.