Adoption Story


“Adoption Story” is the working title for a memoir in progress about our family’s journey through adoption. It started as a fiction based on our family experiences, but it eventually dawned on me that I could deal with important situations that were outside of our direct experience, and still stick to the truth. Or at least my truth as the narrator.

If you like, you can check out episodes of the writing from the side-bar menu under “In Progress – Adoption Story”. I am only posting ones that I think have progressed to the level of being acceptable drafts, and have no delusions about the need for more editorial input and more rewrites. Also, by posting only some chapters, I realize the reader may be confused by gaps in the narrative, so I’ll always try to provide enough description to clarify the context. If you get something out of the writing, I would be pleased to hear from you.


Here’s a bit more information about the project:

The truth is, at times adoption can be gut-wrenching or utterly devastating, and writing about particular incidents can help to clarify the larger import of what is often quite confusing when it happens. That’s exactly what transpired when I wrote my first adoption piece for adult readers. As might be expected I had to dive deeper into both the literature and into my own thoughts and emotions about life with our adopted daughter, in order to make sense of the episodes on which I was working. This was cathartic for me. When I read my first piece to the writing group my wife and I attended at the time, the idea was born of connecting the pieces into a larger work about adoption.

At this point in our our family’s life we appear to have reached the end of the really hard parts–our daughter is now an adult and in a pretty good space in her life. But some things still haunt her and she struggles to know who she really is–in other words, fill in pieces of her identity. She lives in a different city, but we are in constant touch and thrilled by her successes which these days outnumber her defeats. She has read drafts of the work produced thus far and is supportive of the project. We all hope that ultimately it will be meaningful to some of you out there but, at the very least, that it will let you know you are not alone.

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